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IVF Cost

IVF cost

In our last articles, we learned about what is IVF treatment process and Test Tube Baby process. Now, what about IVF cost or  Test Tube Baby Cost? Are there centers in your country? According to research by our website we found out the following data:

These are the estimated searches per month for IVF cost.

The United States: 4,200
India: 2,800
United Kingdom: 1,400
Australia: 500
South Africa: 200

How much does IVF cost?

IVF Cost in The United States:

In the United States, a fresh IVF cycle costs around $10000-$15000 depending on the clinic you go for. The medicines cost around $1500-$3000.
Preimplantation genetic testing of IVF costs around $20,000 including medicines. According to advancedfertility:

"just for reference, we're not related to advancedfertility"
  • Single Cycle of In Vitro Fertilization Costs about $8,500
  • Multiple cycle IVF cost (without money back) about $16,500
  • Multiple cycle plans with 80% money back guarantee costs about $18,000

If you want to go for IVF with ICSI treatment than it could cost you around $1500 additional

For some women undergoing IVF, doesn’t result in pregnancy in a fresh cycle and the remaining embryos from this fresh cycle can subsequently be used during a “frozen” cycle. “Frozen cycles," also called as FET or Frozen Embryo Transfer. FET are less expensive, as they use “frozen” embryos that are stored for future use. The cost of FET averages from $3,000 to $5,000 per cycle. The annual storage fees for frozen embryos are additional for each year which are around few hundred

That is all about the IVF cost in The united states. If you can cover these expense you can give this a thought otherwise, you can also go for adopting a baby.

IVF cost

The Ivf cost in India:

In India, IVF cost varies a lot if you're from India you might know the situation of pricing. Still, we found out the best, and average data for you In India private clinics costs about 2 -3 lakhs. Government hospitals have very few infertility clinics, and there are a large number of patients. At AIIMS India, the cost of an IVF cycle can cost about Rs 60,000 and the success rate is about 30-35%. At the government-run hospital, Sri Avittom Thirunal Hospital located in Thiruvananthapuram the cost of IVF is between Rs 60,000 - Rs 1 lakh. In Maulana Azad Medical College, the clinic charges only Rs 17,000 for the first IVF cycle and has a success rate of 40%.

In the United Kingdom if you're a National Health Service (NHS) Patient the IVF treatment procedure can cost you about 5,000 euros in a private clinic. The charges can also vary as you can see the above factors but this is the average cost of IVF treatment.

The average cost of IVF treatment in other countries:

  • In Japan, the IVF treatment procedure can cost about 3,149 euros ($4,012)
  • In Belgium, IVF treatment procedure can cost about 2,441 euros ($3,109)
  • In U.S. IVF treatment procedure can cost about 10,812 euros ($13,775)  
  • In Canada, IVF treatment procedure can cost about 6,766 euros ($8,740). 

IVF Calculators

Various websites are providing you estimate of IVF cost depending on various situations and processes you undergo through or which services you opt for. One of the websites is ivfcostcalculator.

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