How much does Artificial Insemination cost?

Artificial Insemination cost

The artificial insemination cost may or may not include:

How much does Artificial Insemination cost? is the question of all the couples are thinking to go for Artificial Insemination process.
  • The cost of a new visit to endocrine reproductive fertility specialist that is about $200-400.
  • The cost of diagnosis and investigation which also includes fertility related blood tests
  • The Cost of fertility drugs if used. They can cost about ranging from less than $100 to $1000. The average cost of an injectable fertility drug for an injectable FSH cycle is $1600.
  • Some clinics check the blockage of patient’s fallopian tubes; this can cost several hundred dollars.
  • Sperm washing, most important for IUI, which can cost about $70 – $100. IUI artificial insemination is the most commonly used type of artificial insemination, because of its higher success rate than placing sperms in the cervix. The intracervical insemination procedure is less expensive than the intrauterine artificial insemination procedure.
  • To monitor progress ultrasounds need to be done which cost up to $300 each.
  • The Cost of staying at the hospital.

Two types of artificial insemination that are done and their costs:

How much does Artificial Insemination cost
The Difference between the two, Semen of either the patient’s partner or a donor is injected directly into the cervix (ICI) or into the uterus (IUI) at the time of ovulation. 
IVF is more costly than artificial insemination process. Most doctors choose to go for artificial insemination first before going for IVF.

The Success rate of artificial insemination:

The typical success rate of is 10 – 20 percent. It can require up to Five to ten attempts. Success rate also depends on individual factors such as age and cause of infertility. There are also cases such as patients never achieve pregnancy through artificial insemination. 
The cost of artificial insemination in THE UNITED STATES is estimated in between $300 – $500 per pregnancy attempt.
The cost of artificial insemination in THE UNITED KINGDOM is estimated in between $500 $1000 per pregnancy attempt. You can have free intrauterine insemination on the NHS in the UK, but you may have to wait as the waiting lists are sometimes long.

It also varies depending on what clinic you visit. You should always go for a clinic with higher ratings.
Your insurance may cover the artificial insemination procedure or at least a portion of your treatment like infertility drugs and other tests. You can always check with your insurance company. In some countries and state’s it is mandatory that insurance companies cover all the cost of artificial insemination or at least a part of the amount. This is because this treatment procedure falls under infertility treatment.
How much does Artificial Insemination cost
The cost of the treatment will certainly be a problem when choosing a private clinic. Sometimes the reason the treatment can be expensive for an IUI clinic is that of its location, rather than levels of treatment and care. Sometimes cheap clinics are no the worst, and the expensive clinic you come across are not the best.
If you find the cost of artificial insemination more, you can still have the treatment by taking advantage of EMI plans offered by many clinics. Then you will be able to spread the cost of treatment over several years, even with 0% interest.
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